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Buy Amazon Seller Accounts to be A Member of the World Largest E-Commerce Site

You need to buy Amazon seller accounts if you do not want to access the inventory tool for selling. This account will make you free of your monthly-basis subscription fee.

You can then pay according to your per item selling. But, Amazon will charge an amount fee right after your every sale.

By the way, using Amazon seller accounts can make your e-commerce site membership. And, it is advantageous to avoid your debt and over-investment risk.

Buy Amazon Seller Accounts



  1. Increase Seasonal Sales
  2. Increases Daily Sales Rate
  3. Saves costs
  4. Help Making New Inventory Room
  5. Includes Products in Amazon Catalog


How to Buy Your Accounts?

Follow the given instruction given below to buy your seller account. But before going to buy, you have to decide the account type. This means whether you want to buy a Professional or an Individual account. Now go through the following steps-

  1. Get into the
  2. Click on “Become an Amazon Seller
  3. Choose your account type Professional or Individual seller account
  4. Enter your email and password
  5. Now select the location
  6. Choose the payment method
  7. Make your payment
  8. Confirm through the verification link
  9. Done!



The cost to buy the Professional and Individual seller accounts is not the same. For the price to buy a Professional seller account, you have to pay 39.99 dollars. And, for your Individual seller accounts, you will have to pay 0.99 dollars.


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Required Information to Buy Your Account

To buy your Amazon seller accounts, you need to get ready some necessary information. So, get ready the following details-

  1. Business information
  2. Your credit card that is internationally allowed for billing
  3. Your email address
  4. Your Business Federal-Tax ID Number
  5. Your State Tax-ID Information and
  6. A valid contact number

Buy Amazon Seller Accounts


Benefits to Buy a Seller Accounts

The advantage of having a seller account on Amazon is incredible. Let’s go to know some of them.

  • Massive Amazon Audience

The large size of the Amazon audience is the most significant advantage we found during our research time.

Due to your seller account, you can show your products to a large audience. That is pretty impossible to think for any other E-Commerce platform.

  • Enormous Sales Potentiality

Due to your account, you will get a huge chance to increase your products sale.

Incredibly, more than 2 billion products are sold each day on Amazon. Now think how worthwhile this account will be!

  • Requires No Marketing

You need no marketing as this site already has several existing audiences. You can have a repeating selling without any marketing.

So, don’t be confused to make your go with your Amazon seller accounts.

  • No Shipping Hazard

If you are worried about making your shipping and do not want to face this challenging job, no worries!

Using their FBA feature (Fulfillment by Amazon), you can give it to Amazon to handle this section.

  • Amazon Algorithm

The automatic algorithm system of Amazon will show your products to the top list to customers. But it is according to the search category.

These are a few of the benefits of having an account. You will get more that will increase your sales rate.



Is the Amazon seller account worth it?

Our answer to your question will be absolute “YES.” It is needless to say how worthwhile the Amazon seller account is for a seller.

Where Can I get the products as an Amazon seller?

Here you are-

  1. Wholesale Source
  2. Retail Source
  3. Private Source
  4. Thrift Stores
  5. Auction Stores
  6. B2B Business Marketplace

Is it a free-to-buy Amazon seller account?

No, it is not! And, we already have explained the cost to buy your account on top. Please, have a read.



If you buy Amazon seller accounts, you will open the door of massive potentiality to increase your sales. It is an opportunity to improve your self-program selling through Amazon.

However, as a new seller, you can depend on your seller account undoubtedly. Yet, make your decision quickly to buy this account. Also, it will make you able to take advantage of Full-Suite of Products selling features.

So, All the Best!



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