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Feature of Our CEX Accounts

  • Full Verified.
  • Email account verified.
  • Real SSN Verified.
  • Trusted Bank Verified.
  • Quick buy and sell.
  • All country supported
  • Dedicated Ip address used.
  • Unlimited trade.
  • Payment method added.
  • Fully Secured.

What we will deliver

  • Login Credentials.
  • Verified documents.
  • Recovery E-mail ID.
  • Two-factor authentication.
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Buy CEX Accounts: The Outstanding 2FA Google Authenticator!

Welcome exploring how to buy CEX accounts. It is a step-to-step guide for you about CEX, its type, features, etc. However, CEX is a multifunctional platform for your crypto-currency exchange.

This company got its license and registration from FinCEN. By the way, CEX has a 2FA Google authenticator protection that made it much acceptable to the users.

So, keep going ahead with us to know about all other exciting terms and services of CEX.

Once you get started with CEX, you will never leave it again. We can guarantee!

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What is CEX in Short

CEX is a multifunctional trading corporation that can make your trading business smoother, faster, easier, and simpler. Yet, it is a high trading tool and advanced algorithm for your trading performance.

Conversely, it is the medium where you can enhance your portfolio with its intuitive and advanced trading potential. For this reason, you can also call it a high-liquidity order book.

Most importantly, CEX already has introduced its recently launched features among its users. This new feature is a kind of staking service of different cryptos.

And, you can collect your currencies in your digital wallet using this feature. Due to this staking policy, all your staking rewards will add to your wallet automatically.

Consequently, we found it excellent for you.


Amazing Features

  • Advanced Purchasing Option
  • Margin Trading Platform
  • Over 54 Trading Fairs
  • Low Taker Fees (0.25% to 0.01%)
  • Low Maker Fees
  • User-Friendly Interface


2FA Google Authenticator (The Top Reason to Buy CEX)

The utmost reason why the CEX took place in high ranking of popularity is its 2FA Google Authenticator policy. Its 2FA-GA will give you the topmost security measure for your funds.

It keeps active 24/7 and linked with your account. Besides, you will get an immediate notification if there is any unauthorized access to your account.

Also, it keeps your account safe from DDOS attacks. After having all these points, if you get us a question of security or safety on the CEX account, our answer will be doubtlessly affirmative. So, keep going with the flow!


How to Deposit Funds on CEX?

You can deposit your currencies on CEX in two ways. These are given below-

Through SEPA Bank Transfer

If you want to deposit your fund through SEPA, then you have to follow the given steps below-

  • Log into your account and click on the “Deposit” button.
  • Now select the transfer option (Remember, the bank transfer option is allowed when you buy a verified CEX account)
  • This time you have to select the country of your bank account & now enter the amount of currency. Tap on “proceed.”
  • You will be given all the verified information that you should make a note of. And these are all.


Through Your Crypto-Currency

We recommend you follow the given steps below to deposit your fund through crypto-currency. Here are the steps-

  • Click on the “Finance” button after logging in to your account.
  • Now, select the type of crypto-currency that you like to deposit.
  • Tap on the “Deposit” button and then on the “Continue” button.
  • Scan the QR code to send currencies from your wallet.
  • And you are done!

See how simple it is to deposit on CEX!


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How to Buy Digital Currencies on CEX

You can buy your digital currencies with fiat and also with currencies like- USD, RUB, GEP, EUR, etc.  You are here accepted to buy all other digital crypto-currencies on this CEX platform.

But we recommend you verify your payment card before deciding to buy your desired currencies.

It is simple to buy currencies through your CEX account.

Buy CEX Accounts 



How can I log in to the CEX account?

To log in to your account, you have to get on the CEX site and tap on the “Sign in” button. And entering your email and password, you can easily log in to your account. But, yes you have to enter the email and password which you have used when you first bought the account.

What are the Verification requirements of CEX accounts?

Verification is a must to cross-check your provided information. The primary documents to get the verification are- your ID, driving license, utility bill, passport, residential proof, and bank statement. So that CEX authority can easily varify your given information with the documents.

What is the purpose of the CEX account?

You can use your CEX account for trading crypto-currencies, and many digital transactions.

Is CEX trustworthy?

CEX is an excellent coin wallet for its reliable staff and services. So, you can depend on CEX with no hassle because it has a tight security system to protect your coin.



We found the CEX is extremely popular and valuable to first-time buyers. The user-friendly interface of CEX made it easier to use for the newbie.

So, our suggestion is for you to buy CEX accounts if you are entirely new in this field. It will be your hunting-hit as a first-time user. CEX will let you introduce Bitcoin and other related currencies that you cannot get so easily from any other alternative.

In the end, we assume that our article could present all the key points of why you need CEX. So, all the best regards to you.


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