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Nowadays Facebook has become a constant companion in our life. Advertisers now use this platform to let people know about their products and services.

If you want to promote your business on Facebook, you need to have a payment gateway for Facebook promotion.

Let’s dive deep into it then shall we?buy facebook ads vcc


Facebook Ads VCC

Facebook is currently an amazing platform to show ads to its users. Facebook Ads VCC helps you in the process to activate your account. Because people getting more and more accustomed to Facebook, these VCC cards will help you to get this traffic on your ads.

Facebook has several payment options like debit card, credit card. But these cards take a few days to get your account activated. On the other hand, VCC cards help you to activate your time within the least period.


Facebook VCC Trick

When you open a Facebook Ads account, they’ll ask for a debit card or credit card number as a payment method. If you have a VCC card, you can enter the 16 digit number and proceed to the next steps. After providing all the necessary information, your account will be activated.

Facebook is a low cost platform. So, if you are a “Cost per action/CPA” expert then you’ll choose Facebook for your Ads. Facebook has two types of Ad manager:

  • Prepaid Ad manager
  • Postpaid Ad manager

Prepaid Ad manager

This ad manager is suitable for small businesses. This is more of a pay per go service. You’ll have to research first. You can start your campaign from only $1 and spend as much you want.

Buy Facebook Ads VCC



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Postpaid ad Manager

This ad manager is suggested for a larger scale business. The advantage of this manager is that they won’t charge you until you hit the threshold amount.

Threshold determines the ability to compete in an ad auction. In postpaid ad manager, Facebook updates your threshold limits according to the demand of the traffic.

When you boost a post on Facebook, an option will pop down asking for the expected audience for that post. So, choose wisely the audience whose attention is needed for your ad.

After Facebook approves your ad, it’ll run on Facebook and will start showing your targeted audience. But, the speed of your ad will depend on your campaign budget. So, try to keep a comparatively high campaign budget to run your ad as soon as possible.


Free Virtual Credit Card for Facebook Ads

There is no such thing as free VCC for Facebook Ads. You’ll have to pay to get your account activated. If you want to boost your posts, you should have around 3-5$ in your account. Otherwise, Facebook will suspend your id, and 99% of the time these IDs are not reinstated.

You’ll find many companies that provide VCC for Facebook ads at a cheap rate. But, beware of the scammers. Companies that provide after service are likely to be genuine. You can find many service providers on Google.



After reading this you should have the general idea about Facebook ads VCC. However, we believe you may have questions about it because the topic is vast. To know more, you can leave a question for us in the comment section. We’ll get to you as soon as possible.

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