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Why You Should Buy Upcloud Accounts | 9 Top Reasons To Know

There are diverse cloud service providers available here in the market according to their services and features. Upcloud is the fastest and superior infrastructure among them.

If you have a small/mid-sized business, it can be an excellent choice to buy Upcloud accounts. Upcloud provides the best cloud solutions for businesses.

It is faster than SSD cloud servers and offers top-notch services and features at a very affordable price. A very flexible infrastructure with all the necessary developing tools makes it more reliable.

Buy Upcloud Accounts


About Upcloud

Upcloud is a European company that provides the best and fastest cloud services. It was launched in 2011 by Joel Pihlajamaa, who is also the CTO of Upcloud.

It has data centers in around 12 cities around the world. The headquarter of Upcloud is in Helsinki, Finland.

Uploads provide various services like a cloud server, networking, private cloud, MaxIOPS Block storage, scaling, etc.

It gives you the fastest cloud hosting provider with 100% uptime SLA and allows you to connect directly to any of your existing infrastructures.


Why Should You Buy Upcloud Accounts?

Upcloud is the best option for small and midsize enterprises. Right now, Upcloud is hosting more than thousands of businesses around the world. There are plenty of reasons to buy Upcloud accounts. Let’s see some of the key features and services of Upcloud.

  • Best Uptime SLA

Upcloud provides 100% uptime SLA, and it pays back up to 50x in case of any disruption, more than 5 minutes of downtime. It has N+1 redundancy that ensures continuous service.

  • Fast cloud service

It is the fastest cloud server than the other SSD cloud servers like Google, DigitalOcean, etc. Using Upcloud, you can deploy your apps within 45 seconds only.

  • High Performance

Upcloud uses MaxIOPS storage technology, and all the cloud servers are deployed in enterprise-grade hardware. That ensures the industry-leading performance always by its developing tools.

  • Control Panel

The control panel has all the APIs that are fully featured and allows users to customize their cloud infrastructure.

It is a self-service cloud platform that helps to automate the whole cloud, including all the services like storage, firewalls, floating IPs, deploy and control, etc.

  • Backup & security

It provides instant backup support and lets you schedule periodic backups. Upcloud offers two-factor login authentication and a customizable firewall for its users.

  • Pricing plans

Upcloud is the most affordable cloud service that costs only $5 per month. It has two pricing structures. Such as simple and flexible.

In the simple plan, you can choose one of the services at a low cost with all you need. Whereas in the flexible plan, you can use all the services you want to pay according to your usage.

Upcloud charges hourly basis and bills monthly. Even it gives you free trials for three days along with a $5 simple plan cloud server.

  • Storage

It has a high-performance storage technology, including MaxIOPS Block Storage, that makes it 2x faster than the other cloud server.

  • Private Cloud

Private cloud is one of the exclusive services of Upcloud. It is a superior cloud service provider that keeps you on the dedicated hosts in a physically confined environment with high performance and flexibility.

  • Developers Friendly

Upcloud has a very versatile API that lets you manage your cloud server easily and build applications. It has an extensive library of open-source API clients and tools.


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How to Buy Verified Upcloud Accounts?

There are plenty of features and services are available in Upcloud. So if you want to buy verified Upcloud accounts, you have to sign up first.

For this, go to Upcloud and click on the Signup button from the top. Then provide your account information and billing information. Here you have to enter your credit card info. Then click on Start now.

After the signup, you will get a free trial of your Upcloud account. Now you can see the services available for you.

After the trial period, you have to select the plans you want to buy and pay for those services only. Upcloud charges on an hourly basis, so you have to pay for the time you run the server.

Buy Upcloud Accounts



How can I get a free trial of the Upcloud account?

You will get the free trial option right after your Signing up in Upcloud.

Does it charge for the free trial?

No, Upcloud does not charge in the free trial. But it can take $1 for authorizing your credit card, which Upcloud will refund in some time.

Can I use all the network ports in the free trial?

No, networking speed and network ports are limited in the free trial.

Is a credit card needed for the free trial?

Yes, you have to enter your credit card information to sign up for a free trial account.


Final Words

Upcloud is distinctly one of the most popular cloud service providers in Europe. Because of its high performance, reliability, and affordable price, Upcloud has many SME business customers who use its enterprise-level high computing platform.

There is no doubt Upcloud is the fastest cloud server in recent times that provides all the exclusive features and services in one place.

So, if you don’t want to miss it, buy Upcloud accounts now and enjoy the fastest cloud server.



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